Hydrophonical Production Lines

The advantages of Green Automationís NFT hydroponic growing methods are indisputable. They are simple, labour and cost saving and environmentally friendly.

Traditionally the growing gutters are placed stationary on the growing area. The distance between growing gutters is defined by how much space a fully grown plant takes, which means inefficient use of space in greenhouses.

In Green Automation growing method the gutters are placed by the need of the space which the plant requires in different stages of the growth. The picking and packing of the plants are placed always on the other end of the growing area or in fully automated system the packing is centralized in one place. The gutters are moved towards the packing end simultaneously increasing the distance between the gutters by the need of space which the plant needs. This principle causes extensive advantages.

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Efficient use of greenhouse, typically 30-40 % more plants per square meter:

  • less heating/cooling is needed.

  • less artificial lighting is needed.

  • investments on greenhouse technology and irrigation systems give out better profits.

Easy manageable material flow:

  • Efficient use of growing area, only narrow maintenance passages are needed.

Production is easy to upgrade and automate: All work phases are made in small areas in planting and packing ends.

Effective use of greenhouses is easy. Investments on new green houses and growing lines are easy to do also in the long time scale due to easy manageable material flows.

Predictable, reliable harvest 365 days per year.

High automation level saves in labour costs and prevents human errors in growing process.

400-700 plants per square meters in an year is gained using Green Automation growing technology even in cold and extreme conditions in Nordic area.

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Typically the Green Automation growing system consists of the growing line, irrigation system, plant section (Nursery) and irrigation boom. Also other equipment, like germination chambers, plant tray and gutter washers, conveyors, sowing lines and packing lines are available.

The designing of the growing system is always done according to customers needs. We can help you with dimensioning, for example the needed gutter spacing in growing line in different growth stages is based upon our knowledge gained from over 20 years of experience in lettuces and herbs production; A method that guarantees maximal output with all different plant varieties. Also personnel training for your new investment can be done in some of our own production facilities. This experience makes Green Automation the ultimate partner in greenhouse technology.


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